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Feng Shui is the art of creating the most desirable place to live and work.

Since you spend so many hours of your life in your home and workspace, they exert a powerful influence upon you.

Spaces that are nourishing, energizing and supportive enhance your thinking, emotions, and behavior.

You simply feel better — more joyful and alive.

You begin to see positive effects in many areas of your life
• Improved Vitality & Health

• Enhanced Well-Being
• Enriched Relationships
• Greater Career Satisfaction
• Ease of Self-Expression & Creativity
• Enhanced Self-Empowerment and Self-Worth
• Increased Opportunities
• Heightened Sense of Spirituality

During a consultation, I will:

Assess your space for blocks, stagnation and disruptions to energy flow.

Address any life challenges you may be experiencing to see how your space may be reflecting and contributing to the problem.

Utilize the tools of Feng Shui – the bagua, yin/yang, and the Chinese five element theory – to create a harmonious flow of life force energy, which is fundamental to your health and well-being.

Offer simple and practical solutions to create a life-enhancing and soul-nurturing environment that supports your goals and dreams.

Enhance the ch’i or energy of your space by focusing on:
– Your property (inside and outside)
– The selection and placement of furnishings and accessories
– Light, color, sound, and fragrances
– Art and the elements of nature

 I am honored to help you begin the path to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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