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A consultation involves three phases:


• The process begins with a conversation. We discuss your unique needs and concerns and what you are looking for in the consultation.

• I send you a questionnaire asking pertinent information about you, your environment and your intentions.
The questionnaire helps both of us pinpoint what is needed and makes the consultation much more effective. In my years of practice, I have found the questionnaire helps me to get to know you so I can better serve you and your needs

I review the information from the questionnaire and analyze your floor plan for energetic influences

• I prepare an astrological chart for each individual living in the space to assess unique ways to support each person in the home/office.


• The assessment is the actual consultation.

• The assessment is done on-site at your home or office if it is located in the greater St. Louis area and via FaceTime or Skype for clients who live elsewhere.

• I tour your space gathering information about color, lighting, furnishings, accessories, placement and arrangement of objects, electromagnetic impact, exterior influences, the movement of energy, etc.

• In a distance consultation, we ‘tour’ your space utilizing FaceTime or Skype so that I can see your space and ask questions. I have used this method many times and it is quite effective and helpful.

• At this time, I observe your space intuitively gathering impressions about how your home/office is reflective of you and your life.

• I may use a technique called Synchro-Alignment, which is a guided visualization to synchronize and align your energy and intentions with your home. Often information we receive during this process is key to creating an environment for your soul…a space that resonates with your essence.


• As we explore your space, I offer recommendations and suggestions. I also discuss ways to increase the nurturing power of your space.

• Energetic influences, concerns and specific suggestions are discussed.

• I will also give you my impressions about the symbolism and meaning within your space ~ how your home or office is reflecting your life. This process helps you gain clarity so that you can create an environment that is in alignment with your purpose, values and core beliefs.

• Creating a soul-nurturing space is not about the application of generic rules. It is a way to honor you and support, encourage, and inspire you on your life path.

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