“Linda opened up whole new vistas of insight into my inner self as reflected in my  home. I now see all the work I do in my home as statements about my readiness to work on parts of my being and as reflections of what is stable and productive in my life. When I am moved to makeover a room, I consider what my desires for my home say about my life; and I give myself permission to work on those areas of my home (and myself) when the time is right.
Linda is truly gifted. There’s no “if this, then that” set of rules out of a six-inch thick book from which she operates; it is her very soul from which wisdom and insights flow to the people who are fortunate enough to engage her. Your house will become a home, a nest that surrounds and fulfills you in ways that only your heart could desire.”
P. G.
St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you so much for all of the time, thought, and energy you put into “feng shui-ing” my new apartment. I can already tell a difference. It’s beginning to feel like a home.”
St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you so much for your expertise – we are already enjoying the benefits! You are so gifted in what you do.”
St. Louis, Missouri

“I have a new job (with a new office) and thought it was the perfect time to take advantage of Linda’s Feng Shui consulting skills. I’ve never worked in a space where I feel more productive or happier. I just finished implementing all of Linda’s suggestions and have a workspace that is beautiful and also inspires me to give the best of myself. I recommend Linda’s work unconditionally. What a difference it has made!”
S. M.
St. Louis, Missouri

“I am a busy professional.  My office was too busy–too hectic–too much frenetic energy.  I worked with Linda and she instilled peace and calm to my office.  I now work in a place that encourages creative thinking and success.”
St. Louis, Missouri

“Thank you again for your healing of my office space.”
St. Louis, Missouri

“You are the best! I greatly appreciate your expertise.”
St. Louis, Missouri

“Choosing to be guided by Linda on an Inner Soul Journey is a choice I highly recommend! Linda skillfully assisted me in feeling relaxed and safe when I chose to journey into my soul self with her as a facilitator. She intuitively knew when prompting words were helpful and when silence was best. Linda is a skilled, caring, supportive soul coach and I am grateful for what she helped open in me.”
Joan W.
Marshfield, WI USA

“Thank you so much for your presentation. Everyone found the topic personally and professionally beneficial. You have such understanding and clarity in your words.”
St. Louis, Missouri

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