Throughout my life, I have practiced the art of journaling.

In the beginning, I found it helpful and comforting to empty my thoughts and feelings on paper. It helped me process what was going on and provided a safe place for me to voice my truth when I wasn’t confident to do so publicly.

Over time, journaling became a way to communicate with parts of myself that were clamoring for attention. My inner rebel protested unfair treatment and discrimination. My angry self railed about people and experiences that were cruel, mean, and/or hurtful. Sometimes my angry self railed against me for not taking care of her.  Writing gave my wounded self a venue to express her sorrow. It brought forth the discontented self who blatantly expressed what was wrong and what she needed. It gave voice to the wise one to offer her insight.

By listening to these parts and hearing what they had to say, I began to uncover a wellspring of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion for others and myself. The greatest gift I’ve received from journaling is discovering who I really am. Through writing, my true self has been revealed to me.

I’m sharing my story in hopes of inspiring and encouraging you to try it too. You won’t be sorry. Journaling nurtures a life-long friendship with you. It deepens your relationship with yourself. There are many treasures to be found within.

The gifts of journaling:

  • Relieving stress – experiences and emotions are processed, released and let go
  • Giving a “voice” to your soul
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom
  • Discovering what you truly want and need
  • Uncovering gifts and talents
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improving and deepening your relationship with yourself and others
  • Creating inner peace
  • Revealing your true self

So, how do you journal? What is the process?

  1. Choose a notebook, writing pad, or journal – one that will give you joy to see every time you write. If journaling works better for you on your computer, go for it.
  2. Find a quiet space in your home, your car, at the park, wherever works best for you.
  3. Write to your heart’s content about anything. Write at least two pages – three is ideal.
  4. Don’t be concerned with spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Just do it!
  5. In one short week, you will be amazed at what you learn about yourself.
  6. Continue journaling as a life-long practice. It’s not necessary to do it every day.

You are stepping on the path to a more joyful life. As you deepen your relationship with yourself, you will become more peaceful, happy, and content.

Best wishes on your journey.




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